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Raineri Consulting LLC



John L Raineri began his professional career in the United States Marine Corps. He initially enlisted in 2001 and later Commissioned as an Officer in 2003. He excelled from the beginning. He was Company Honor Graduate at boot camp. He was a top performer as a Marine Officer earning the Armour MOS. John is a combat veteran deploying three different times.
After serving on Active duty for ten years he became a Federal law enforcement officer. John went to graduate school at night and earned his Master’s degree in business management.
Later, John took his leadership ability and work ethic into medical device sales. There, he was a brilliant sales professional, making President’s club twice and winning sales representative of the year. He was quickly promoted to sales manager. He opened New York and New Jersey markets while running the Florida market.
John’s knowledge and problem solving skills made him a natural to take over Business Development. As VP of Business Development, John opened new revenue channels through the addition of payers and new products. This proven success in both the military and business worlds paved the way to the development of Raineri Consulting.

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